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Key Diplomatic Tasks

Korea’s Key Diplomatic Tasks

  • To fulfill the national vision of  “A nation of the people, a just Republic of Korea” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will focus its capacity on the following diplomatic tasks.

  • Peaceful resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue and the establishment of a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

    The Korean government will make every diplomatic effort to achieve complete denuclearization and the establishment of permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. It will endeavor to make substantive progress toward complete denuclearization and to build a permanent and solid peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

  • Promotion of national interest through public diplomacy and participatory diplomacy

    The Korean government will establish systematic, integrated participatory diplomacy by increasing interactive communication with the people, endorsing public participation and focusing on the capacity of participatory diplomacy. At the same time, through strategic public diplomacy, the Korean government will strive to promote a proper understanding of Korea as well as to garner support and awareness of its foreign policy.

  • Pursuing confident cooperation diplomacy with neighboring countries

    The Korean government will strengthen close cooperation with China, Japan, and Russia with the ROK-US alliance playing a central role. It will conduct confident and active cooperation diplomacy with its 4 neighboring countries to establish permanent peace in the Korean Peninsula, which includes dealing with the North Korean nuclear issue and fostering co-prosperity in Eurasia.

  • Establishment of a Northeast Asia+ Community of Responsibility

    The Korean government aims to transform the current state of tension and confrontation in the region into an order which manifests a peaceful and cooperative environment for Korea’s development in the long-term. It will create a “Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Platform,” “the pillar of peace,” cultivating a habit of dialogue and cooperation in the region and pursue the “New Northern Policy” and “New Southern Policy,” “the pillars of prosperity,” beyond the region.

  • Strengthening trade diplomacy and development cooperation to increase national interest

    The Korean government will create an open and liberal overseas economic environment, explore new frontiers with newly industrialized economies and actively respond to climate change. It will strengthen Korea’s contribution to the international community through efficient development cooperation and will promote national interest.

  • Protecting the safety of Korean nationals residing abroad and supporting overseas Koreans

    The Korean government will establish a systematic protection system and strive to increase benefits and protect the status of Korean nationals residing abroad. Furthermore, it will boost the capacity of overseas Koreans by strengthening the global Korean network.