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5th MIKTA Young Leaders’ Camp Takes Place

  • Date : 2021-02-19 11:35:10
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1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the 5th MIKTA Young Leaders’ Camp in a virtual format on February 17 and 18, bringing together 25 undergraduate and graduate students from the MIKTA member states -- 9 from Korea, 6 from Mexico, 4 from Indonesia, 3 from Turkey, and 3 from Australia.

2. In his opening remarks, Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs Ham Sang-wook explained that the MIKTA member states have worked together in various ways over the past seven years in responding to shared challenges and tasks of the international community. He went on to voice hope that the Camp would serve as an opportunity for the youth from the MIKTA member countries to enhance their bond by sharing their thoughts and experiences with one another.

3. The Camp participants had an opportunity to experience multilateral diplomacy and understand the significance and benefits of MIKTA cooperation through diverse programs, including listening to lectures on MIKTA and multilateral diplomacy; discussing ways for strengthening cooperation on response to COVID-19; and holding a MIKTA Mock Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and adopting a joint statement.

4. The 5th Camp since the first one held in 2016 is seen to have served as an opportunity to elevate young leaders’ understanding of MIKTA and to facilitate exchanges and cooperation of the private sector in an online format despite restrictions due to COVID-19.