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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IRENA to Co-host Renewable Energy Cooperation Seminar

  • Date : 2019-10-18 17:13:18
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1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the world’s most prestigious international organization in the renewable energy field, will host a Korea-IRENA Renewable Energy Cooperation Seminar at COEX, Seoul, on October 22.


° The Korea-IRENA Renewable Energy Cooperation Seminar draws special attention as a side event of the 8th International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC Seoul 2019), the world’s largest international conference in the renewable energy field that will be held at COEX for three days from October 23 through 25.


2. The Seminar will kick off with opening remarks by Mr. Chung Kee-yong, Director-General for Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Scientific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by expert presentations and discussions on “Global Energy Transition: Trend and Outlook” in Session I, “Decarbonisation of Power: Trend and Outlook” in Session II, and “Decarbonisation of end-use applications (industry, transport, buildings)” in Session III.


° In Session I, Program Officer at the IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre Nicholas Wagner and Director of the New and Renewable Energy Center of the Korea Energy Agency Lee Sang-hoon will introduce the overall progress in increasing the supply of renewable energy in the international community.


° In Sessions II and III, Program Officer Wagner, Chief Researcher at the Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute Jegarl Seong, Researcher at the IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre Kang Seung-woo, and Principle Researcher at the Korea Institute of Energy Research Yeon Sun-hwa will deliver presentations and exchange views on how much renewable energy is used and how renewable energy technology is applied in the field of power, industry, transport and buildings in order to build a decarbonized society.


3. In his opening remarks, Director-General Chung Kee-yong expressed hope that the discussions at the Seminar will contribute to accelerating energy transition to clean energy and to the international efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.