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7th ROK-China Public Diplomacy Forum to Take Place

  • Date : 2019-10-14 10:49:25
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1. The 7th Republic of Korea (ROK)-People’s Republic of China Public Diplomacy Forum will take place at the Songdo Convensia, Incheon, on October 16-17, co-hosted by the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-organized by the Korea Foundation and the China Public Diplomacy Association.


° In particular, the forum will be held in conjunction with “the 2019 InChina Forum,” which the Incheon Metropolitan City will hold under the theme “a new paradigm for ROK-China cooperation in the digital trade era,” and help boost exchanges and public diplomacy between the two countries’ provinces.


2. The forum will bring together delegates of the governments as well as the academic, cultural and media circles of the two countries, including Ambassador for Public Diplomacy Chang Jae-bok and Director-General for Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs Seo Eunji of the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President of the Korea Foundation Lee Geun, President of the China Public Diplomacy Association Wu Hailong, and Chinese Ambassador to the ROK Qiu Guohong. The participants will exchange views on peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia, shared prosperity and development, and humanities exchanges.


3. Side events will also be held to increase participation of provincial government agencies and civil society: Among those side events will be an ROK-China film festival, an “open dialogue on the future among 100 citizens of the ROK and China”, and a photo exhibition on the ROK-China Friendship Caravan. By holding such communicative exchange events with their nationals, the two countries plan to seek “open public diplomacy.”


° In particular, renowned social media operators as well as representatives of the citizens of the ROK and China will take part in “the open dialogue on the future among 100 citizens of the ROK and China,” during which they will exchange creative ideas on ways to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between people of the two countries on the Internet.