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5th ROK-Kazakhstan Consultation on Consular Affairs Takes Place

  • Date : 2019-01-30 13:44:26
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1. The 5th Republic of Korea-Republic of Kazakhstan consultation on consular affairs took place in Seoul on January 30. It was co-chaired by Director-General for Overseas Koreans and Consular Affairs Woo In-shik of the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Consular Service Department Umbetbaev of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.


2. The two sides shared the view that there is great potential for cooperation between the two countries, and took note of the continued increase in people-to-people exchanges between the two countries since the entry into force of the “bilateral agreement on visa waiver for holders of ordinary passports” in November 2014.


o They also agreed on the need for cooperation in reducing the number of illegal immigrants to increase sound people-to-people exchanges, and agreed to work together to reduce the number of illegal immigrants, including by making use of the voluntary departure period.


3. The ROK side actively asked the Kazakh side to resolve issues relating to requirements for a work permit when the ROK nationals in Kazakhstan apply to extend their visa. The Kazakh side said that they would make active efforts, including cooperation with relevant government agencies, to resolve the issues.


4. The two sides agreed to work to swiftly reach an agreement on a draft text of an “ROK-Kazakhstan agreement on the transfer of sentenced persons,” which they had consulted on, and to steadily prepare for domestic procedures in order to sign the agreement and bring it into force as early as possible this year.


5. The two sides said that the meeting served as a useful opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen consular cooperation between the two countries, and shared the view that making substantive progress in consular cooperation would help increase exchanges between the people of the two countries, and become a foundation for cooperation in a range of areas, including political, economic, social and cultural affairs.


6. They agreed to hold the next meeting in Kazakhstan at an appropriate time.



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