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Foreign Minister's Interwiew with FOX NEWS (4.26.)

  • Date : 2018-04-27 15:35:02
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[Minister Kang] This time, I think the urgency of resolving this issue is something that we all share -- the United States (and) us. What that time frame will be very much depends on the discussions of that summit level. It [the fact that it is promptly followed by a first-ever US-North Korea summit] does indicate that we have a  historic opportunity to resolve the North Korean nuclear and missile threat once and for all.

([Greg Palkot] You are starting at the top and then maybe going down to the lower level to implement. It’s usually the reverse.)

[Minister Kang] It has been an unusual process, and perhaps the lessons of the past 25 years of negotiations and agreements -- agreements broken -- and basically 25 years of failure was exactly that.

([Greg Palkot] What role do you think President Trump has played in this whole process?)

[Minister Kang] I think that he clearly saw this as an immediate and the most challenging global security agenda, not just for the United States but the whole world.

([Greg Palkot] Some has criticized President Trump for being a bit too brash with that messaging.)

[Minister Kang] The daily messaging is one thing, but the longer-term effect of those messages is what has really mattered. And it has forced the North korean leader to change his calculations... Our goal is clear. It's a complete, peaceful denuclearization.

[Greg Palkot] They [nuclear weapons] mean everything to him. They mean his entire state.

[Minister Kang] Well, he has indicated that as long as he is guaranteed security then he doesn't need his nuclear weapons.