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[Energy] Korea-Asia Energy Cooperation Seminar to Provide Korean Companies with Opportunity to Make Inroads into Asia’s Energy Market

  • Date : 2017-07-04 13:46:00
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1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold the “Korea-Asia Energy Cooperation Seminar” at the Plaza Hotel Seoul on July 6.

o The seminar will bring together about 200 people, including energy experts from seven Asian countries (the Philippines, Lebanon, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia and Qatar), as well as experts from domestic and foreign energy-related organizations, private companies, and academia.

2. The upcoming seminar will begin with opening remarks by Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun, and congratulatory remarks by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee of the National Assembly Shim Jae-kwon and Secretary of the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly Han Jeong-ae, and proceed in three sessions on Asia’s electric power industry; new and renewable energy industry; and gas plant and infrastructure industry. In the sessions, participants will discuss the current state of the industries and projects that are underway, and explore ways to enhance related cooperation with the ROK.

o In the first session, Undersecretary of the Philippine Department of Energy Felix William Fuentebella, director of Lebanon’s electric power corporation Ramzi Dobeissy, and director of Vietnam’s electric power authorities Tran Dang Khoa will make presentations on “new Philippine government’s electric power policies and projects,” “Lebanon’s electric power industry and projects,” and “Vietnam’s electric power industry and solar power projects,” respectively. After the presentations, participants will explore ways for Korean companies to make inroads into the Asian electric power market.

o In the second session, director of Saudi Arabia’s investment authorities Mohamed S. Al-Abdalla and team leader at Kuwait’s state-owned petroleum company Saleh Al-Jateli will make presentations on “Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy industry and projects” and “Kuwait’s renewable energy industry and projects,” respectively. The presentations will be followed by discussions on ways for Korean companies to enter Asia’s new and renewable energy market.

o In the third session, director of Indonesia’s state-owned gas corporation Wildan Rizanjaya and director of RasGas of Qatar Ghanim Al-Shahwani will make presentations on “Indonesia’s gas industry and gas plant projects” and “Qatar’s LNG policies and ways to work together in new industries,” respectively. After the presentations, participants will discuss ways for Korean companies to make inroads into Asia’s gas market and increase cooperation in the area.

o On July 7, the day following the seminar, the Foreign Ministry will arrange business meetings between the aforementioned presenters, who are senior officers of foreign energy corporations, and Korean businessmen. The meetings will serve as an opportunity to introduce Korean companies to countries they seek to make inroads into, and to discuss the possibility of their participation in projects overseas.

3. The Foreign Ministry hopes that the upcoming seminar will become a good opportunity to share participants’ understanding of major countries’ business environment in the energy sector and the Asian energy market, which is becoming increasingly important in the global energy market, and to help more Korean companies increase their presence in Asia’s energy market.

* unofficial translation