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Introduction of the Public Diplomacy

Public Diplomacy of Korea

Korea’s public diplomacy entails promoting diplomatic relations by sharing our country's history, traditions, culture, arts, values, policies, and vision through direct communication with foreign nationals. By doing so, we enhance our diplomatic relations and national image by gaining the trust of the international community and increasing our country’s global influence.

Public diplomacy came into full swing as of 2010 when it was established by the Korean government as one of the three axes governing our diplomatic relations alongside state diplomacy and economic diplomacy. Ever since, the Korean government has carried out all-around efforts to maintain public diplomacy funds and reinforce relations between ministerial sects, establishing the Public Diplomacy Act in August of 2017.

In partnership with 184 foreign embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea currently acts as an outpost for region-specific public diplomacy projects. It also carries out a variety of public diplomacy programs, such as the Public Diplomacy Project of Korean Citizens, a project where each citizen is given the opportunity and resources to become an ambassador for public diplomacy.

Public Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea