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Outcome of 2nd G20 Sherpa Meeting in 2021

  • Date : 2021-07-14 20:55:11
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1. The 2nd Group of Twenty (G20) Sherpa Meeting was held in a virtual format from July 12 to 13 to prepare for this year’s G20 Summit (October 30-31, Rome, Italy). Ambassador for International Cooperation on G20 Affairs Choi Kyong-lim (Korea’s G20 Sherpa) attended the Meeting as the representative of Korea.


2. Participating countries exchanged views on the agenda items that had been discussed during this year’s ministerial and working group meetings, including key deliverables of the G20 Summit.  


° Italy, chair of this year’s G20, explained the progress made so far in priority agendas including 1)education, employment and women’s empowerment, 2)anti-corruption and culture, 3)agriculture and development, 4)health, world economy and finance, 5)energy, climate and environment, and 6)trade, investment and digital economy.


3. Participating countries agreed that ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth is key to the successful response to COVID-19, and stressed that it is essential to build future growth plans; establish social safety nets for vulnerable groups; replenish funds for supporting developing countries; and take concrete actions to narrow gaps between developing and developed countries as well as among citizens in adapting to digital transformation.


4. Ambassador Choi took note of the Global Health Summit held this May and the Rome Declaration and called for the G20 to strengthen multilateral partnership to bring about meaningful outcomes including swift mass production of COVID-19 vaccines and their equitable access as well as robust financing to build up a competent global health system to effectively respond to future pandemics.  

° Ambassador Choi emphasized the importance of the G20 partnership in promoting the use of renewable energy, innovating low-carbon technology, and enhancing energy efficiency. He called for the G20’s attention to hydrogen technology. He also mentioned Korea’s commitment to ensuring bio-diversity through three important initiatives in this field, urging active participation of the G20 member and partner countries.

° Korea stressed the importance of the efforts exerted by the G20 to reach agreement on trade liberalization of environmental goods and services for sustainable trade.

° Lastly, Ambassador Choi reiterated the importance of measuring the value of unpaid household work with the aim of increasing women’s economic participation. He also mentioned that Korea will share its best practices with the G20 in the areas of education and anti-corruption.