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Outcome of Consultation between ROK and Japanese Directors-General (May 13)

  • Date : 2020-05-14 11:50:40
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1. Mr. Kim Jung-han, Director-General for Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had a telephone consultation with Mr. Shigeki Takizaki, Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, on the morning of May 13, and exchanged views on issues of mutual interest, including the COVID-19 situations in the two countries.


2. Directors-General Kim and Takizaki shared the efforts of their respective governments to stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as information on the situations in their countries, and agreed on the importance of close communication between the diplomatic authorities of the two countries to respond to the COVID-19 situation.


o Director-General Kim explained how the ROK government has been managing the COVID-19 situation through its active disease control measures based on outstanding diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Director-General Takizaki mentioned the Japanese government’s disease control efforts and the situation in Japan.


3. The two Directors-General, recognizing the need for bilateral cooperation for the safety and repatriation of the ROK and Japanese nationals staying overseas, agreed to continue collaboration in protecting their nationals abroad.


o In particular, Director-General Kim noted that the ROK and Japan have been cooperating in bringing home their nationals staying in third countries, and expressed appreciation to the Japanese government for supporting the emergency repatriation of a Korean national from the Republic of India.


4. Director-General Kim explained the measures the ROK government is taking, including the revision of the Foreign Trade Act, and urged the Japanese government to promptly withdraw unjust export-restrictive measures. Director-General Takizaki explained the Japanese government’s position.


5. In addition, Directors-General Kim and Takizaki mentioned the position of their respective governments on the issue of forced labor.


6. The two Directors-General agreed to continue close communication and consultations between the diplomatic authorities of the two countries to resolve pending bilateral issues, including the ones mentioned at the consultation.