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Fast Track Procedure available for applicable Koreans Entering China for business purpose

  • Date : 2020-05-01 14:19:30
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1. The Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China have agreed on introducing a “fast track procedure (a streamlined arrival system)” which alleviates hurdles faced by Koreans visiting China for business purpose through measures such as minimizing quarantine upon entry, in order to respect the disease control principles aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 while guaranteeing essential economic activities.


2. In accordance with the “fast track procedure,” an interested enterprise in China (Korean firm operating in China or Chinese firm) should apply for “fast track procedure” at the level of Chinese local (provincial or municipal) government designating an applicable Korean business partner and obtain an official invitation from the local government for the partner. Then the applicable Korean business partner will obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy (or the Chinese Consulate) in the ROK. The invited person with visa should observe a “special disease control procedure” as agreed by the ROK and the Chinese government whereby his or her entry into China will be simplified.


​ㅇ The Chinese government will implement the “fast track procedure” starting May 1st in relation to ten* regions in China where a large number of exchanges take place between Korean and Chinese enterprises.

* Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanxi (Xi'an), Sichuan, Anhui

- Shanghai, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui will be able to bring the system into force immediately since regular flights operate in those regions.

Special disease control procedure for Korean business people entering China

Before Departure

1) Conduct self health-monitoring (fever etc.) at least for 14 days

2)  Receive Health Condition Report (issued by hospitals designated by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare) by taking a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before departure

After Arriving in China

1)  Stay at a center designated by the Chinese local government for one or two days and undergo COVID-19 tests (both the PCR test and the blood serum test)   

2)   If tested negative in both tests, will be transported by an individual vehicle prepared in advance


3. The establishment of the ROK-China “fast track procedure” marks the first case whereby a streamlined entry procedure is being officially made available for foreign business people visiting China. It is also the first case of institutionalizing the simplified entry procedure for Korean businessmen who are visiting a foreign country. It is expected that the procedure will contribute to minimizing economic and social impact of COVID-19 in the ROK and China.


​ㅇ The ROK and China have generalized the previous ad hoc procedure applicable on a case-by-case basis, which is expected to ensure economic activities of a larger number of Korean enterprises, including small- and medium-sized ones, in China.

4. Furthermore, reflecting the fluid situation of airlines between Korea and China due to COVID-19 situation, ROK and China will make efforts to improve the effectiveness of the procedure, holding regular consultations through diplomatic channels to check the operational status of the fast-track system and to expand the scope of its application.

5. The Chinese nationals visiting Korea for important business reasons are to submit an applicable document certifying negative COVID-19 testing result within 72 hours before departure and satisfying the disease control requirement. Then, the quarantine exemption document will be issued by the Korean authorities. Once he or she undergoes another COVID-19 testing upon arrival in Korea with the negative test result, the applicable person can enter Korea and engage in business activities while under active surveillance procedure.

6. Further details regarding the ROK-China fast track procedure can be informed through contact with Korea International Trade Association (KITA) at 1566-5114.