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Minister of Foreign Affairs Summons Japanese Ambassador to ROK Koji Tomita

  • Date : 2020-03-06 11:10:40
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1. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang, Kyung-wha summoned Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Korea Koji Tomita on the afternoon of March 6, and expressed deep regret over the Japanese government’s stronger entry restrictions on Korean nationals and strongly urged a prompt withdrawal of the unjust measure.


2. Minister Kang stressed that the ROK government is making progress in stopping the spread of COVID-19 through its outstanding diagnostic capabilities and transparent and robust quarantine system, and pointed out that it is very inappropriate for the Japanese government to take such measure at this point.


o In particular, Minister Kang said that objective statistics, including the cumulative number of diagnostic tests conducted in the ROK and the ratio of the ROK’s population to the number of tests, clearly show the ROK’s proactive and preemptive quarantine capabilities and efforts, and added that it is rather the ROK government which is watching Japan’s response to COVID-19 with concern.


3. In addition, Minister Kang mentioned that it is all the more regretful that the Japanese government has enforced the measure without prior notification despite the ROK government’s repeated calls to refrain from taking additional measure. Saying that such measure is unfavorable and unscientific, the Minister urged the Japanese government once again to squarely face objective facts and situations and promptly withdraw the measure.


4. Minister Kang went on to say that if the Japanese government does not withdraw its measure, the ROK government cannot but consider necessary countermeasures, including those based on the principle of reciprocity.