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ROK Elected as Member of UN Human Rights Council

  • Date : 2019-10-18 17:10:11
  • Hit : 1860

1. The Republic of Korea (ROK) was elected to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in 2020-2022 at the election held at the UN General Assembly on October 17, 2019.


° It marks the 5th time for the ROK to serve on the UNHRC after the country first joined the UNHRC in 2006 as its founding member.


2. Five countries from the Group of Asia-Pacific States to which the ROK belongs -- the ROK, Japan, the Republic of Indonesia,the Republic of Iraq, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands -- ran in the election for four seats, out of which the ROK, Indonesia, Japan and the Marshall Islands were elected.


3. The ROK’s election to the UNHRC carries significance in that the international community recognizes the country’s efforts to protect and promote human rights at home and abroad as well as its commitment to contribute constructively to the international efforts to promote human rights.


4. As a member of the UNHRC over the next three years, the ROK government will continue efforts to contribute to the promotion of universal human rights by taking a leading part in discussions on key human rights issues of the international community and participating actively in international cooperation in responding to human rights crises around the world.