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Recognition of the Republic of Kosovo

  • Date : 2008-03-28 14:00:00
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1. On March 28, the Republic of Korea recognized the Republic of Kosovo, which declared its independence 
on February 17, as a sovereign and independent state.

2. The Korean Government expects that Kosovo's independence will contribute to promoting to the peace 
and stability of the region as well as its democratic development and economic recovery. 

3. The Korean Government also hopes that, in cooperation with the international community, the Republic of 
Kosovo will develop peacefully on the foundations of democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, 
protection of minorities and the preservation of religious and cultural heritage.

4. The Republic of Korea hopes that its recognition of Kosovo will not affect its friendly and cooperative 
relationship with the Republic of Serbia and will endeavor to further the mutual  cooperation between the 
two countries in various fields of politics, economy, society and culture.                   

                                                              Spokesperson of MOFAT

* unofficial translation