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[Environment] Outcome of GGGI’s 9th Session of Assembly and 13th Session of Council

  • Date : 2020-11-05 14:31:16
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1. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) located in Seoul held its 9th Session of the Assembly and 13th Session of the Council in both online and offline format at 19:00-22:00, October 28.


o Chaired by H.E. Ban Ki-moon, President and Chair of GGGI, 38 member states welcomed the reappointment of Director-General Frank Rijsberman (four-year term) and discussed GGGI’s role in supporting developing countries’ green growth in the COVID-19 era and the work program and budget for 2021-2022.


2. In their statements, major participating countries including the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia welcomed the announcement by President Moon Jae-in in his National Assembly address on the morning of the same day (Oct. 28) that Korea will strive to become carbon neutral by 2050.


o The participating countries anticipated that the ROK would exert leadership in accelerating the international efforts to respond to climate change by hosting the P4G Summit next year and hoped that the Summit would serve as a stepping stone to the success of the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26, the UK) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


3. In the Session, the ROK (head of the delegation: Deputy Minister and Ambassador for Climate Change Yoo Yeon-chul/alternate head of the delegation: Director-General for Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Scientific Affairs Chung Kee-yong) was re-elected as Vice Chair of the Assembly and Council for the 2021-2022 term by consensus. Former Ambassador for Climate Change Shin Boo-nam was appointed as the Expert/Non-State Actor Member of the Council for the 2021-2022 term.


o The ROK government, as the largest donor to GGGI, Vice Chair, and Audit Contact Point, will continue to assist GGGI in facilitating developing countries’ transition to a low-carbon economy in the process of responding to COVID-19.


o Furthermore, with the announcement of the 2050 carbon neutrality goal and the hosting of the 2nd P4G Summit next year, the ROK government will continue cooperating with international partners including GGGI to expand solidarity in building back better and greener.