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[Press Release] Outcome of ROK-Germany Roundtable on Korean Peninsula Peace and Security

  • Date : 2019-09-25 17:11:29
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1. A Republic of Korea (ROK)-Germany Roundtable on the Korean Peninsula Peace and Security took place in Seoul on September 25 in the presence of officials of the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Federal Foreign Office as well as Korean Peninsula experts, including Director-General for Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Rhee Dong-yeol of the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the ROK Stephan Auer.


° The Roundtable was first held in 2019 after the two countries had agreed at the Foreign Ministers’ strategic dialogue in Seoul in July 2018 to establish a private-public (track 1.5) dialogue platform on Korean Peninsula issues.


2. At the Roundtable, the two sides exchanged views on the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, including those concerning the anticipated negotiations between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They also discussed in depth ways to improve the inter-Korean relations on the basis of Germany’s experience of overcoming division and accomplishing unification as well as to achieve complete denuclearization and to establish permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.


3. The Roundtable carries great significance in that after the Korean-German Advisory Group on the Foreign Policy towards Reunification, which was launched in 2014 to put forward foreign policy suggestions regarding the unification of the Korean Peninsula, wrapped up its activities in 2017, the two countries have launched another meeting platform through which their foreign ministry officials and experts can exchange views and seek policy alternatives on such issues as those involving the Korean Peninsula.


4. The two sides, noting that the ROK-Germany Roundtable on the Korean Peninsula Peace and Security was successful, agreed to further develop the Roundtable into a useful meeting platform that can help strengthen ROK-Germany cooperation on Korean Peninsula issues, among others.