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(Video) OGP 2020 Virtual Leaders Open Response and Open Recovery in our Response to COVID-19

  • Date : 2020-09-28 20:47:44
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Title: OGP 2020 Virtual Leaders Summit

Date: Sept 24, 2020

Type: Video

​Introduction : Building on OGP’s Open Response + Open Recovery campaign to promote accountability, transparency, and inclusivity in our collective response to COVID-19, OGP hosted the 2020 Virtual Leaders Summit, a gathering of leaders in government and civil society who have played a central role in their countries to ensure a full, fair, and inclusive response and recovery. The event also marked the leadership handover of the OGP Steering Committee from the Government of Argentina and Robin Hodess to the Government of the Republic of Korea and Maria Baron. Please refer to the link below for the detailed information.

Link :