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Special Webinar
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(Video) 5th special webinar on COVID-19 : Policy and Technology Sharing(English/French/Russian)

  • Date : 2020-06-10 16:01:26
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첨부파일 Contact tracing of COVID-19 cases.pdf web viewer
첨부파일 Korean Police Countermeasures.pptx web viewer
첨부파일 National Policy on COVID-19 Response & Current Status.pptx web viewer
첨부파일 Response to COVID-19 with Science and ICT.pptx web viewer
첨부파일 Self-quarantine management.pptx web viewer

The 5th Special webinar on COVID-19 for policy and technology sharing
Opening remarks
Chapter1. National Policy on COVID-19 Response and Current Status
Chapter2. Contact tracing of COVID-19 cases
Chapter3. Response to COVID-19 with Science & ICT
Chapter4.Self-quarantine management
Chapter5. The Korean National Police Agency's cooperation in infectious disease control and prevention