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Introducing the MOFA 2017 Youth Public Diplomatic Corps

  • Date : 2017-07-19 00:00:00
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Introducing the MOFA 2017 Youth Public Diplomatic Corps



1. Clue Crew



Clue Crew is a group that seeks to understand the difficulties foreign students face while living in Korea and to provide them with detailed solutions through online newsletters, booklets, and videos, which are displayed atthrough channels  areas readily accessible to foreign students, such as student associations councils and after-school clubs. Clue Crew team members will also meet up with participating students to check if the provided solutions actually solved their problems, ensuring their Sound the Echoes of Foreign Studentsers Living Studying Abroad in Korea! project servesd its purpose.

2. Nagnetgilson



Nagnetgilson will looks forward to introducinge Korea to foreign studentsers visiting the country during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Through their Real Korea project, team members will provide information about Korea and promote local culture through various regional events, such as the Bo-ryeong Mudd Festival, Jirisan Hiking events, and the 2018 Winter Olympics. Through such efforts they aim to  provide a diverse arrayvariety of information about Korea and direct more attention to the Winter Olympics that will be held in PyeongChang , Korea, in February 2018.


3.​ NoriTour



NoriTour has plannlaunched their project, The Monthly NoriTour,’ to provide foreign residents in Korea with information about lesser-known and metropolitan areasthe nooks and crannies on the Korean peninsulaof Korea. The project will introduce locations where visitors can learn more about Korea’s traditional and modern culture,  and that are easily accessible thanks to Korea’s nearly unparalleled convenient public transportation system unparalleled anywhere else.

4. Forean



Modern and traditional values co-exist in any country. Team members of Forean work to deepen the understanding of Korean culture among foreigners who are relatively less unfamiliarized with it, such as exchange students. With them in mind, Forean members running the Learning Mates project will provide them with wide-ranging, in-depth information on Korea’s modern and traditional culture, via online and offline sources through their ‘Learning Mates project during this summer vacation season.


5. K-it (Korea Into Tips)​



When visiting a foreign country, most exchange students, tourists, orand business travelers are faced withare likely to experience a number of inconveniences and take back some false preconceptions. In response to the growing number of Southeast Asian travelers and students visiting Korea every year, K-it team members will provide them with handy tips to them to help themin learning more about the Korean culture with the aim ofand makeing their life in Korea easyier and convenient, regardless of their length of stay.

By providing seasonal and thematic information, using various online and offline media (apps, maps, etc.), K-it team members will help foreign visitors to discover Koreas natural beauty and charm, thereby making their trip far from being their lastus reinforcing Koreas image as a re-visitable country.


6. Tourism eosa



More than 90% of visitors tothe foreign population visiting Korea mainly stay in its capital, Seoul, the capital city. Tourism-eosa works to address this issue and find ways to introduce foreign visitors to the rich culture outside of Seoul. Taking as an exampleBased on the wooden badges royal inspectors of past dynasties once used as tickets to far-away regions that needed inspection, the team will create digital badges that will serve as transport tickets to the cities of like Gyeongju, PyeongChang, Jinju, and many others. In doing so,This will draw more they will bring visitors  to local tourist attractions in Korea’s suburban and provincial areas. The digital badges and other promotional material will be sold at In addition, booths installed at various points throughout Seoul, from which they will donatethe profits proceeds earned from selling these digital badges and promotional material at booths installed all over Seoul towill be donated to  supportprovide Korean Language and Ceramics classes for people from multicultural family backgrounds.



7. Artogether



Ranging from foreign students to multicultural families, every day we are living and breathing in a culturally diverse KoreaMany cultures coexist in Korea, including those of foreign exchange students or multicultural families. Artogethers Becoming One through Art project takes a look at the stereotypes about and prejudices against held against multiculturalism and uses artworks to dispel reduce conflicts and misunderstandingsmisconceptions and conflicts on both sides, thereby and enhanceing the our acceptance understanding of multicultural families.



8. Uncharted



Rather than only spending the entire time in bustling capital cities, modern day travelers often take pleasure in exploring unknown and remote places in the countries they visit, in search of their uncharted beauty. 

Team Uncharted is an experience-based public diplomacy project, aiming to provide visitors and exchange students with information on the charming spots and stories unique tounique qualities found only in Korea. The team will provide cultural information about Jeolla and Gyeongsang Provinces by collaborating with local global exchange centers and universities as well as international exchange groups.

9. OnJeong



OnJeong will is set to organize concerts engaging with the foreign audience in Korea to facilitate cultural exchange, international deeper communication, and global networking among Koreans and international participants, and in doing so, create warm friendships, or on-jeong, among them.

The concerts will be multi-cultural events featuring foreign and Korean artists showcasing different stories and performances reflecting their respective cultures. The Onjeong team will hold two small concerts in May and July and a grand finale concert later in the year to share a number of heartthe warming stories of Koreans and foreign residents living in South Korea.






Sports form can be an international language allowing people from around the world to communicate with one another. Team KosMos will use sports as a method means offor public diplomacy and toin promoteing the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. To thisat end, the team will hold a sporting event for foreigners, involving traditional Korean sports activities at Seoul’s Olympic park located in Seoul, to highlight the five values of harmony, courage, excellence, perseverance, and balance. 

​11. Historea



Team members of Historea aim to improve foreigners’ understanding of Korean history by highlighting Korean beauty trends, so immensely popular nowadays, thanks to the Korean Wave. Through monthly news alerts, Historea will introduce highlight major events in Korean history by looking at the how changes womens garments and fashion trends underwent at the time underwent different fashion trends. AsFor offline activities, the team will use host a Korean history festival, where people can experience Korean culture firsthand. In this way, Historea will combine history and beauty, two seemingly mismatched themes, in order to create positive synergy that has unexpected power in spreading the Korean culture.important historical events with cultural experiences to create synergy between two seemingly mismatched themes, beauty trends and history.