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WTO official SNS 1 Min Interview(Ms Yoo Myung-hee Minister for Trade)

  • Date : 2020-07-29 18:46:34
  • Hit : 5360

The WTO is at a crossroads, facing a 'trust deficit'. My vision is to rebuild trust in the multilateral trading system by making it more relevant, resilient, and responsive, the 3Rs.

First, relevant. The WTO needs to be more relevant in light of the changing economic realities [in the 21st century]. Two key priorities are to restore the dispute settlement system and to revitalize the negotiating function.

Second, resilient. A fundamental objective of the WTO must be to promote sustainability and inclusiveness, especially with an emphasis on development, to remain resilient as a champion of open trade.

Last but not the least, responsive. The WTO needs to be more responsive to global challenges and contingencies for the benefit of all its

I will bring the experience and expertise of my 25 year career in trade to act as an effective, trusted, and informed facilitator to rebuild trust in the WTO and the multilateral trade system. [Out of discord comes the fairest harmony. My task will be to facilitate this transition.]  Thank you.