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TITLE Peninsula Club Launched
Date 2014.02.18

FILEForeign Minister's Peninsula Club Remarks.doc

1. On February 18, the Foreign Ministry held the launching ceremony of the “Peninsula Club” with Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se in attendance.

2. The Peninsula Club consists of the 21 foreign diplomatic missions stationed in the ROK but also accredited to North Korea, which have an informal meeting mechanism of their own called the “Pyongyang Club.” The ROK Foreign Ministry launched the Peninsula Club to further vitalize the already close two-way communication with the missions in a more effective and systematic way and further strengthen cooperation with them.

* The members of the Peninsula Club include 15 European countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Portugal, Norway, the EU, Finland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia and Austria); two Asia-Pacific countries (New Zealand and Australia); three American countries (Mexico, Canada and Guatemala); and one Middle Eastern country (the UAE).

3. In his congratulatory remarks, touching upon the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Foreign Minister Yun noted that a consensus had begun to be formed on the need to discuss the subject of the future of the Peninsula. In addition, he elaborated on the background and the implications of the launch of the Club, highlighting the importance of cooperation between the ROK government and the missions as natural partners to share their experiences and exchange views on North Korea as well as pursue trustpolitik for peaceful reunification.

° Minister Yun added that President Park Geun-hye’s concept of “unification bonanza” explains how the unification will benefit all the citizens on the Korean Peninsula as well as neighboring countries. He underscored the need for the ROK and the international community to cooperate in a systematic manner to consolidate sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula and build a new Peninsula.

4. The congratulatory remarks were followed by a briefing on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, including the latest developments in the inter-Korean relations, as well as on the ROK government’s trustpolitik for peaceful unification. The Ambassadors to the ROK and other participants also took the opportunity to exchange candid and useful views on the issues. The participating foreign missions shared the view that such a mechanism as the Peninsula Club had been needed and the Club was launched at an appropriate time. They noted that the Club will play a role in the exploration of various ways of cooperation on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the inter-Korean relations and bilateral issues.

5. The Foreign Ministry will convene the Peninsula Club on a regular basis and important occasions as well. In addition, the Club will have a multi-level communication system, holding meetings on a variety of levels, ranging from the high to the working level. Through the Peninsula Club activities, the Foreign Ministry will intensify consultations on the situation on the Korean Peninsula with the member missions, while continuing work to win wider support from the international community for the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

* Full text of the Minister’s congratulatory remarks attached

                Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFA

* unofficial translation