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TITLE MOFA Spokesperson’s Commentary on the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Distribution of a Video Containing Claim to Dokdo
Date 2013.10.23

1. The Government of the Republic of Korea strongly protests the attempt of the Japanese government to undermine the sovereignty of the Republic of Korea over Dokdo by producing and distributing through Internet sites, including that of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, a video containing Japan’s ungrounded claims to Dokdo, which is an integral part of the ROK territory. The ROK government sternly demands that the Japanese government immediately remove the video clip from the websites.

2. The Japanese government should realize that such an ahistorical and anachronistic provocation is one of the most crucial factors hindering advances in the ROK-Japan relations, and learn lessons from the cases where responsible attitude toward past wrongdoings has been demonstrated through sincere actions.

3. The Government of the Republic of Korea strongly urges the Japanese government to abandon its vain territorial claims to Dokdo. The ROK government will step up efforts to raise the international awareness of its sovereignty over Dokdo. 

                   Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFA

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