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Announcement of the MOFAT Spokesperson

  • Date : 2007-08-14 09:50:00
  • Hit : 509

Two of our citizens taken hostage in Afghanistan, Ms. Kim Kyung-ja and Ms. Kim Gina, were safely released 
in the evening of August 13, Korean time, and they were handed over to our side.  They are now under the 
protection of our authorities at a safe location, and they will receive necessary treatments including medical 
checkups.  It is fortunate that at least some of the hostages have been released first.  Taking this 
opportunity, we once again urge the kidnappers to immediately release all our citizens they still hold 
hostage, and we will make utmost efforts for the safety and immediate return of Korean hostages.  

                                                              Spokesperson of MOFAT

* unofficial translation