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ROK Government Opens Bulletin Board on T/F for International Cooperation on Disease Control to Respond to COVID-19

  • Date : 2020-05-25 16:22:15
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1. The government of the Republic of Korea has opened a bulletin board* of the T/F for international cooperation on disease control on the English website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to respond systematically and efficiently to the international community’s call for sharing the ROK’s experiences in tackling COVID-19.


* English website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Policy Information - Korea’s Response to COVID-19


o In a bid to help people easily find materials in each area, the bulletin board consists of a section titled “Sharing Korea’s Experience” on the ROK’s cooperation on disease control (containing information on six topics*) and another section titled “Special Webinar” featuring videos of webinars organized by the T/F (a total of 9 webinars expected to be held).


* Key strategies TEST TRACE TREAT Immigration Other policy measures


o Along with the bulletin board on MOFA’s website, the bulletin board (Korea’s Response to COVID-19) will continue to be shown on the COVID-19 website operated by the Central Disaster Management Headquarters ( so that foreigners can get comprehensive information on the current COVID-19 situation in the ROK and its experiences in responding to COVID-19.


o As of May 25, the bulletin board has about 30 postings on COVID-19 response and videos from two webinars hosted by the T/F. Links to the websites operated by different government agencies and organizations as well as materials on the T/F’s international cooperation on disease control (videos, policy information, etc.) will continue to be posted on the board.


2. The ROK’s government agencies and organizations have been carrying out various forms of international cooperation on disease control (webinar, video conference, conference call, providing materials, etc.) in their respective areas of expertise, including overseeing strategies for crisis response; diagnostic test; quarantine and epidemiological investigation; treatment, clinical experience, and patient management; immigration and legal counseling; and election and economic policies. The creation of the bulletin board is expected to help the ROK share the results of its cooperation on disease control with the international community more widely.