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Outcome of Video Conference among Senior Officials of Member States of Indian Ocean Rim Association

  • Date : 2020-05-22 14:17:25
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1. Director-General for Asian and Pacific Affairs Kim Jung-han attended a video conference among senior officials of Member States of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) on the evening of May 21, Korea Standard Time. During the conference, the Director-General, together with the delegates of the participating countries, shared information on the current situations regarding the spread of COVID-19 in their respective countries and exchanged views on ways for cooperation in responding to the infectious disease.

2. In the conference, the Member States of IORA explained the current situations regarding the spread of COVID-19 and response measures in their respective countries, pointed out the need for cooperation on disease control in the region as well as the need for support for vulnerable countries, and voiced hope that Dialogue Partners would share their experiences in disease control and render support to Member States.

3. The Dialogue Partners of IORA, recognizing the importance of global solidarity and collaboration in overcoming the world-wide pandemic crisis that has been unprecedented for decades, agreed to continue relevant discussions with IORA.

° The ROK side explained the results from the disease control efforts that the ROK government has made on the basis of the principles of “openness,” “transparency” and “civic engagement,” shared experiences and lessons that it has obtained in the quarantine process, and stressed that it has been taking an active part in the international community’s efforts to curb the spread of the infectious disease and bring an early end to it.


4. Amid the continued spread of COVID-19, the conference is seen to have served as an opportunity to share diverse information and experiences regarding the COVID-19 situation with a number of countries in the Indian Ocean rim region and their Dialogue Partners, to confirm the importance of collaboration in the international community in bringing an end to the infectious disease, and to build momentum of cooperation in the Indian Ocean rim region.