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MOFA Spokesperson’s Statement on Japan’s Authorization of Middle School Textbooks

  • Date : 2020-03-25 15:19:33
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1. The government of the Republic of Korea strongly protests the Japanese government’s authorization on March 24 of middle school textbooks that distort, understate and omit hard historical facts and contain unjustifiable claims. The ROK government calls for an immediate correction.


2. The ROK government strongly protests over the fact that the Japanese government once again authorized textbooks containing Japan’s unjustifiable claims over Dokdo, which is clearly an integral part of the ROK territory in terms of history, geography and international law. The ROK government makes it clear once again that it will respond sternly to any unjust Japanese claims over Dokdo.


3. The Japanese government should uphold the spirit of the “Joint Declaration on a New ROK-Japan Partnership towards the 21st Century” in 1998, which declared that it is important for the people of the two countries, particularly the young generation, to deepen their understanding of history, as well as the “Kono Statement” and the “Miyazawa Statement” issued in 1993 and 1982, respectively, and should show responsible behavior in educating its future generation, while squarely facing the lessons of history.