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Vice Foreign Minister Lee Tae-ho Meets with Delegation Led by Washington Times of US

  • Date : 2019-05-15 17:46:19
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1. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Lee Tae-ho met with a delegation led by the Washington Times of the United States on the afternoon of May 15, during which the two sides exchanged views on Korean Peninsula issues and the Republic of Korea-United States alliance relations.

※ The delegation included former US Representative Dan Burton, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former Special Envoy for the Six-Party Talks Joseph DeTrani, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Bruce Klingner, and senior executives of the Washington Times, such as President of the Washington Times Foundation Kim Ki-hoon and President of the Washington Times Thomas McDevitt.

2. In particular, Vice Minister Lee shared assessments on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula and the ROK government’s diplomatic efforts to achieve complete denuclearization and to establish permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. He asked the delegation, composed of opinion leaders in diverse sectors of the US, to continue to play constructive roles in the US in support of the ROK government’s diplomatic efforts.

3. The delegation from the Washington Times expressed support for the ROK-US alliance relations, saying that efforts will be made to advance the ROK-US alliance relations and to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula.

* unofficial translation