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[Climate Change] ROK and Singapore to Hold 4th Bilateral Meeting on Climate Change

  • Date : 2017-02-09 18:00:00
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1. The fourth Republic of Korea-Singapore bilateral meeting on climate change will take place in Seoul on February 10. The head delegates to the meeting from the ROK and Singapore will be Deputy Director-General for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Affairs Kwon Sei-joong of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cheah Sin Liang, head of the International Policy Team in the National Climate Change Secretariat under the Prime Minister’s Office, respectively.

2. At the meeting, the two sides will engage in a candid exchange of views on their respective positions regarding the international negotiations on the guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change and steps to take.

° As the international negotiations cover technical issues, relevant experts and working-level officials from the ROK and Singapore will attend the bilateral meeting for detailed and in-depth discussions.

3. At the upcoming meeting, the two sides will seek a better understanding of each other’s efforts and policies to address climate change, including the progress in their work to draw up strategies for long-term low-carbon development until 2050 and in the operation of their emissions trading systems (ETSs).

4. The meeting is expected to serve as a good opportunity for the ROK to learn about the position of Singapore, which has acted as an intermediary between developed and developing countries, regarding main components of the Paris Agreement, including the nationally determined contributions (NDCs), transparency and market mechanisms, which will likely help the ROK set its position to be presented at the negotiations.

* unofficial translation